Single Campaign Medals post 1902

South Atlantic Medal with Rosette, Senior Assistant Steward, RFA Sir Galahad a Hong Kong Chinese recipient.

South Atlantic Medal with Rosette

S/A/Stwd To Fat Ying RFA Sir Galahad

Mounted as originally worn in named card box of issue.

RFA Sir Galahad was active during the Falklands War, sailing from HMNB Devonport on 6 April with 350 Royal Marines and entering San Carlos Water on 21 May. On 24 May 1982 in San Carlos Water she was attacked by A-4 Skyhawks of the Argentine Air Force’s IV Brigada Aérea and was hit by a 1000 pound bomb dropped by Lt. Luis Alberto “Tucu” Cervera’s A-4, (which did not detonate) then strafed by Dagger fighter bombers. After removal of the unexploded bomb, she carried out supply runs to Teal Inlet along with Sir Percival. On 8 June 1982 while preparing to unload soldiers from the Welsh Guards in Port Pleasant, off Fitzroy, together with RFA Sir Tristram, the Sir Galahad was attacked by three A-4 Skyhawks from Argentine Air Force’s V Brigada Aérea, each loaded with three 500 lb retarding tail bombs. At approximately 14:00 local time Sir Galahad was hit by two or three bombs and set alight. A total of 48 soldiers and crewmen were killed in the explosions and subsequent fire.

Her captain, Philip Roberts waited until the last minute to abandon ship and was the last to leave. He was subsequently awarded the DSO for his leadership and courage. Chiu Yiu-Nam, a Seaman aboard Sir Galahad, was awarded the George Medal for rescuing ten men trapped in a fire in the bowels of the ship. BBC television cameras recorded images of Royal Navy helicopters hovering in thick smoke to winch survivors from the burning landing ships. These images were seen around the world. Other units affected include 3 Troop (of 20 Field Squadron, 36 Engineer Regiment) which was temporarily attached to 9 Independent Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers and was being transported on the Sir Galahad to provide engineering support following the landings. Engineers feature prominently in contemporary footage showing two lifeboats landing survivors. Also 16 Field Ambulance (RAMC) were on board and assisted with the treatment and evacuation of the many casualties.

Scarce to a Hong Kong Chinese Rating

NEF £950 Available

Single Campaign Medals post 1902

Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1936-39, Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy

Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1936-39

JX.147565 G B Oddie Ord RN

George Boucher Oddie born 7th April 1920, died Birmingham in March 1999.

Dark toned

NEF £110 Available

Single Campaign Medals post 1902

Queen’s Korea Medal 1950-53, Merchant Navy recipient

Queen’s Korea Medal 1950-53

A C Cheeseman

A Merchant Navy recipient.

TNA catalogue index records Mr A C Cheeseman Discharge Number R.636974, born in India 11th October 1923, there is a Seaman’s Pouch available for him TNA reference BT372/1877/158 and probably a BT382 record of service.

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Single Campaign Medals post 1902

Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp S E Asia 1945-46, Petty Officer, Royal Navy

Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp S E Asia 1945-46

P/JX.151192 J Asby PO RN

Fairly scarce clasp to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines

GVF £245 Available

Single Campaign Medals post 1902

South Atlantic Medal with Rosette, Junior Catering Rating, Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship Olna

South Atlantic Medal with Rosette

J/C/R G Howard RFA Olna

On 10th May 1982 RFA Olna sailed from Devonport as part of the HMS Bristol Task Force for service during Operation Corporate- the Falklands Conflict – with 848 Naval Air Squadron “B” Flight embarked – 2 x Wessex HU5 helicopters. The ships were the Type 82 Destroyer HMS Bristol, the Leander class frigates HMS’s Andromeda, Minerva and Penelope, the Type 21 Frigates HMS’s Active and Avenger while the Type 42 Destroyer HMS Cardiff joined from Gibraltar during the passage southwards. On 23d May 1882 RFA Olna entered the TEZ ( Total Exclusion Zone) around the Falkland Islands and began re-fuelling tasks, on 17th September 1982 she arrived at Portsmouth and berthed on the Gosport Oil Fuel Jetty on completion of Operation Corporate duties during which she carried out 143 RAS’s (Refuelling at Sea).

GVF & better £495

Single Campaign Medals post 1902

General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force Regiment

General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula

Flt Lt W M Shevlin RAF

With details extracted from on line sources, with copy documents relating to the award from Jordan, copy death certificate and other research listed here and a miniature Jordan Order of the Istiqlal Third Class.

William Maurice Shevlin was born in India 5th April 1914, he first served in the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment (Private No 814938) and was discharged on what appears to be medical grounds on 15th October 1934. He served as a Sergeant in the Palestine Police from 1st August 1935 to 4th July 1947, his address on enlistment is recorded as 59 Elmfield Road, Balham, London SW. He received the General Service Medal GVI clasps Palestine and Palestine 1945-48 TNA WO100/510 pages 97 and 271 refer. On leaving the Palestine Police he joined the Arab Legion.

Awarded the Insignia of the Order of the Istiqlal Third Class by the King of Jordan in recognition of valuable services rendered as an officer of the Arab Legion in 1947, permission to wear the Decoration being granted by HM The Queen 26th February 1948. Appointment to a commission as Flying Officer (502135) in the Royal Air Force Regiment, short service (six years on the active list and four years on the reserve) 17th November 1951 with seniority 18th February 1948. Promoted Flight Lieutenant RAF Regiment 18th May 1956 (London Gazette 17th July 1956 page 4140). Awarded the MBE in the New Years Honours List London Gazette 1st January 1958 page 9 for services whilst serving as Intelligence Officer in Aden (there were three  Flight Lieutenants of the RAF Regiment serving in Aden at this time, all three were awarded the MBE- AS Jarvis, AB Mcguire and WM Shevlin. Retired from the Royal Air Force 31st August 1968 as Flight Lieutenant on account of medical unfitness for RAF service (London Gazette 3rd September 1968 page 9588). Employed as a Security Officer he died at his home, The Mansions, 2 Bramham Gardens, Kensington, London on 7th October 1976.

A rare GSM to a decorated RAF Regiment officer.

NEF £350 Available

Single Campaign Medals post 1902