Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Near East, Naval Airman 1st Class Mechanic (Ordnance), Feet Air Arm Royal Navy

Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Near East

L/FX.906304 W F Bateman NA1 M(O) RN

Mounted as originally worn.

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Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1936-39, Stoker 1st Class, Royal Navy

Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1936-39

KX.86114 F J Wootton Sto 1 RN

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Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland, Private, Parachute Regiment

Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland

24146669 Pte E V Calaz PARA

Edward Victor Calaz was born in 1950 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, his service number indicates 1967 enlistment so would have been in one of his Regiment’s first tours of Northern Ireland in 1969 or 1970.

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Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula, Marine, Royal Marines Commando, served 45 Commando in Aden.

Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula

RM.14255 P F Moore Mne RM

In 1959, 45 Commando were based and training in Malta, the main body sailed from Malta and arrived in Aden on 4th April 1960, advanced elements had arrived in March and were in Dhala by 25th March, where the Commando over the next 6 years would patrol the Yemeni border. From 1st July 1960 in Kuwait as part of the Defence Force and in August 1960 were first deployed in Aden on internal security duties. A fairly scarce clasp to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines a total of 1,200 being awarded, clasp confirmed on the published roll.

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General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya, Captain, Royal Army Ordnance Corps dismissed the service by order of General Court Martial 10th September 1957.

General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya

Capt B F Castle RAOC

Bernard Frank Castle was born 25th September 1918, by 1937 he was a Government Assistant and left London on 14th August 1937 aboard the SS Mulbera bound for Calcutta, his home address recorded as 4 New Street, Poole, Dorset. Castle married in Calcutta in 1940 and received an Emergency Commission in the Royal Indian Army Service Corps 2/Lieutenant 26th October 1940 and War Substantive Lieutenant 26th April 1942. Lieutenant Royal Army Ordnance Corps 4th November 1954 with seniority 19th December 1950 (London Gazette 30th November 1954 page 6844), Captain 19th December 1954 (London Gazette 14th January 1955 page 376). Dismissed the service by order of General Court Martial 10th September 1957 (London Gazette 19th November 1957 page 6778). Bernard Frank Castle died in Southampton in 1986.

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Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland, Private, Parachute Regiment

Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland

24320133 Pte J P Wescott PARA

John Paul Wescott was born in Northumberland in 1956, his service number indicates a February 1973 enlistment.

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General Service Medal GV clasps IRAQ, N W Persia, Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers

General Service Medal GV clasps IRAQ, NW Persia

24066 Pte J Doherty R IR Fus

With copy Medal Index Card, also entitled British War & Victory Medals

James Doherty served with the 1st Battalion in Mesopotamia and post War IRAQ and NW Persia, his GSM was sent to him in 1924 to his home address 290 Cupar Street, Springfield Road, Belfast.

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General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya, Lieutenant, King’s Own Scottish Borderers

General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya

Lt J D F Howard KOSB

John David Frederick Howard was born in Rochford, Essex in 1932. An Officer Cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant King’s Own Scottish Borderers 1st August 1952 (London Gazette 23rd September 1952 page 5022 refers). Promoted Lieutenant 1st August 1954 (London Gazette 3rd August 1954 refers), Lieutenant Reserve of Officers 24th September 1957 (London Gazette 29th October 1957 page 6318 refers). The 1st Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borderers were based in Northern Ireland from December 1952, they moved to Singapore in August 1955 and to Malaya the following month remaining in the Far East until October 1958 when they arrived at Milton Bridge Camp, Penicuick, Midlothian, Scotland.

Mounted as originally worn.

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