Single Campaign Medals post 1902

General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1945-48, Corporal, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1945-48

7648312 Cpl A Allen RAOC

Medal and clasp verified on Medal roll TNA WO100/538 page 321 served with No 2 MTSC.

Virtually as issued

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General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1945-48, Private, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine 1945-48

4622077 Pte H A Barker DWR

With copy War Office casualty list entry, wounded 22nd May 1944 at Anzio, Italy whilst serving with the 1st Battalion.

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Africa General Service Medal E2 clasp Kenya, Chief Inspector (Reserve) serving in the Kenya Police Air Wing. A pilot, born in Perth, Western Australia, killed when his aircraft crashed during a supply mission to a Forest Tracking Patrol during anti Mau Mau operations 21st October 1954, he had flown over 600 operational hours during the troubles.

Africa General Service Medal E2 clasp Kenya

M.1064 C I (R) W N McKenzie

William Nathaniel (Nat) McKenzie was born 10th March 1925 in Perth, Western Australia, the son of Nathaniel McKenzie and his wife Hilda Muriel (nee Brewer). Residing at Bonnie Vale Farm in Three Springs, he enlisted into the Royal Australian Air Force 20th March 1943 (number 436736) rising to Warrant Officer (pilot) he was discharged 26th September 1945. Returning to farming in Three Springs, he married Shiela Whiting in Perth in 1950 whom he had met abroad whilst serving in the RAAF. Moving to South Africa, he was to serve as a commercial pilot and pilot in the Police Air Wing based at Narobi, South Africa. he was killed in an air crash 21st October 1954 during the Mau Mau troubles.

From: The West Australian Friday October 22nd 1954 page 1

Perth Man Killed in Plane Crash

“William Nat McKenzie (29) formerly of Perth was killed instantly when the aircraft he was piloting in anti Mau Mau operations in Kenya crashed in the Aberdare Forest, the Government announced today. A passenger in the supply drop aircraft Sergeant Cyril Derek Tuck (21) of Bridport, Dorset was seriously injured. Mr McKenzie a former commercial pilot and member of the Royal Australian Air Force had flown more than 600 hours on anti Mau Mau operations. The plane was dropping supplies to a forest tracking party. Mr McKenzie leaves a widow.”

A rare Mau Mau operations casualty.

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Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp Malaya, Marine, Royal Marines Commando

Naval General Service Medal GVI clasp Malaya

RM.8789 W Healey Mne RM

Mounted as originally worn. RM prefix to number indicates post Second World War enlistment when the Royal Marines took on the role of Commandos.


Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland, Marine, Royal Marines Commando

Campaign Service Medal E2 clasp Northern Ireland

PO31580C  D Booth Mne RM


Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Near East, Marine, 42 Commando Royal Marines. 

Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Near East

R.M. 11180 P F Cordon Mne RM

The RM Medal roll for the NGS clasp Near East records Marine Cordon served with 42 Commando during the 1956 Suez operations, landing on 6th November 1956 they remained after the Brigade withdrew until 27 November when they returned to Bickleigh.


General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force Regiment

General Service Medal E2 clasp Arabian Peninsula

Flt Lt W M Shevlin RAF

With details extracted from on line sources, with copy documents relating to the award from Jordan, copy death certificate and other research listed here and a miniature Jordan Order of the Istiqlal Third Class.

William Maurice Shevlin was born in India 5th April 1914, he first served in the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment (Private No 814938) and was discharged on what appears to be medical grounds on 15th October 1934. He served as a Sergeant in the Palestine Police from 1st August 1935 to 4th July 1947, his address on enlistment is recorded as 59 Elmfield Road, Balham, London SW. He received the General Service Medal GVI clasps Palestine and Palestine 1945-48 TNA WO100/510 pages 97 and 271 refer. On leaving the Palestine Police he joined the Arab Legion.

Awarded the Insignia of the Order of the Istiqlal Third Class by the King of Jordan in recognition of valuable services rendered as an officer of the Arab Legion in 1947, permission to wear the Decoration being granted by HM The Queen 26th February 1948. Appointment to a commission as Flying Officer (502135) in the Royal Air Force Regiment, short service (six years on the active list and four years on the reserve) 17th November 1951 with seniority 18th February 1948. Promoted Flight Lieutenant RAF Regiment 18th May 1956 (London Gazette 17th July 1956 page 4140). Awarded the MBE in the New Years Honours List London Gazette 1st January 1958 page 9 for services whilst serving as Intelligence Officer in Aden (there were three  Flight Lieutenants of the RAF Regiment serving in Aden at this time, all three were awarded the MBE- AS Jarvis, AB Mcguire and WM Shevlin. Retired from the Royal Air Force 31st August 1968 as Flight Lieutenant on account of medical unfitness for RAF service (London Gazette 3rd September 1968 page 9588). Employed as a Security Officer he died at his home, The Mansions, 2 Bramham Gardens, Kensington, London on 7th October 1976.

A rare GSM to a decorated RAF Regiment officer.

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India General Service Medal GV clasp Afghanistan NWF 1919, Private, 1/4th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

India General Service Medal GV clasp Afghanistan NWF 1919

200609 Pte A Bulpit Hamps R

With details extracted from on line sources.

Albert Bulpit served in the 1/4th Battalion Hampshire Regiment, the Battalion arrived in India in November 1914 and arrived at Basra, Mesopotamia in March 1915. The Medal Index Card for Albert Bulpit records service in Mesopotamia from 8th March 1915. Two companies were captured at Kut Al Amara 29th April 1916, a composite Battalion formed and reconstituted in May 1916. Serving in South Russia August to October 1918 then North Persia. Attached 1st Battalion South Lancashire Regiment for the Third Afghan War of 1919 (87 IGS Medals with this clasp to the Battalion) confirmed on Medal roll TNA WO100/19/475 page 114.


General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine, Corporal, Royal Air Force, as a Warrant Officer was Mentioned in Despatches for gallant and distinguished services during the allied landings at ANZIO, the award being UNIQUE to the Royal Air Force.

General Service Medal GVI clasp Palestine

517682 Cpl W A Reading RAF

With copy London Gazette entry and service record.

William Alfred Reading enlisted as an Aircraft Hand in July 1934 before posting to 201 Squadron in November. Posted to the Electrical and Wireless School in April 1935, posted to 15 Squadron in Iraq 1936-38, where he may have flown as a backseater, posted to Heliopolis until December 1938. His next posting was to RAF Ramleh, where he earned the GSM clasp Palestine, before returning to the Home Establishment in April 1939.

Reading spent the early war with No 1 Electrical and Wireless School followed by a stay in hospital, followed by two postings to unreadable stations before he went to Combined Signals School, HMS Dundonald from 8 October 1942 to 31 May 1944, encompassing the period of Operation Shingle (Anzio) January – June 1944. Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 5th May 1944 page 2127 “For outstanding skill, resolution and devotion to duty in successful landings at Anzio”. Unusually, this was a Naval Despatch, the award being UNIQUE to the Royal Air Force. His final posting was to No 105 (Combined Operations) Wing, Leuchars, 31 May 1944, released from service in November 1945.

The Medal virtually as issued, dark toned.

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Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Near East, Merchant Navy served aboard SS New Australia

Naval General Service Medal E2 clasp Near East

G McTernan

Mr George McTernan was a Merchant Seaman, Discharge Book Number R512342 who served aboard the SS New Australia during the 1956 Suez Operations, Medal issued 2nd March 1963.

The SS New Australia was requisitioned by the UK Government for the Suez Operations on 3rd August 1956, by 7th October 1956 a total of 81 Merchant Vessels had been taken into service for what was to be known as Operation Musketeer. New Australia had previously been employed on the migrant service UK to Australia and was requisitioned with the agreement of the Australian Government. Embarking troops at Southampton on 1st November she sailed with Asturias and Dilwara and arrived off Port Said on 10th November with soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division. New Australia carried soldiers from the Royal West Kent Regiment who relieved 2 PARA, embarking the PARA’s and transporting them to Cyprus. She returned to Port Said for the withdrawal and embarked soldiers on 14th and 15th December 1956.

Toned and fairly scarce to Merchant Seamen.

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General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya, Private, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

General Service Medal E2 clasp Malaya

Q1002203 Pte E Butcher QARANC

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